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Assessment of High-Rise Buildings During the Operation Stage in Addis Ababa City

To afford extra built-up space vertically both for working and living, high-rise buildings are constructed. Living in high-rise buildings has advantages as well as disadvantages. On the constructive side high-rise buildings can accommodate more people closer to work places, thus decreasing the length of work journeys and energy consumption. When we see the disadvantage side high-rise buildings needs extra equipments and facilities for vertical transportation, safety, and parking space. The construction of high-rise buildings in Addis Ababa is increasing rapidly nowadays. But during accommodation many problems affect the operation of the building while the construction is completed. The aim of this study is to identify the major challenges of high-rise buildings; to measure the satisfaction level of occupants of high-rise buildings; and to check the presence and functions of safety measures which are fixed in high-rise buildings. This research involves both qualitative and quantitative approaches for data collection and analysis. To gather quantitative data, survey questionnaires were administered to owners and occupants of high-rise buildings. For qualitative approach, in-depth interviews were carried out to purposefully selected respondents. In addition, observation was used. Lastly, data were collected from documents such as policy documents and reports of the Addis Ababa construction bureau. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics. This study identified major challenges of high-rise buildings during the operation stage. The research result indicates that the key problems during the operation stage identified as lack of sufficient parking space, vertical transportation problems, and cleaning and maintenance problems. The outcome of the study helps the occupants of high-rise buildings and as a whole the construction industry to understand the actual factors during the operation of high-rise buildings.

Cleaning, Maintenance, High Rise, Parking Space, Vertical Transportation

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Amanual Temesgen Mosie. (2022). Assessment of High-Rise Buildings During the Operation Stage in Addis Ababa City. American Journal of Construction and Building Materials, 6(2), 80-84.

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Amanual Temesgen Mosie. Assessment of High-Rise Buildings During the Operation Stage in Addis Ababa City. Am. J. Constr. Build. Mater. 2022, 6(2), 80-84. doi: 10.11648/j.ajcbm.20220602.11

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Amanual Temesgen Mosie. Assessment of High-Rise Buildings During the Operation Stage in Addis Ababa City. Am J Constr Build Mater. 2022;6(2):80-84. doi: 10.11648/j.ajcbm.20220602.11

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